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What is TailorDev Academy?

TailorDev Academy is the training branch of TailorDev. We, TailorDev, decided to use a slightly different umbrella for our training activity but it is the same company. Our instructors are scientists and developers. They gave lectures in French Grandes Ecoles and in different universities.

Our instructors will reuse their experience as researchers but also everything they have learned as consultants and developers. They will illustrate their training sessions with concrete examples to the trainees.

Why should I attend a TailorDev Academy session?

The TailorDev Academy training courses are the result of experience working with many different people in several fields, including our past scientific and academic backgrounds. We do not offer generic or theoretical trainings. Our main goal is to help trainees to become fully operational.

What is a typical training session?

Two weeks prior to the first day of the session, we will send an email to the trainees, gathering all the information needed to get started. This email is also the notification. For intra-company trainings, we will ask you a few questions to personalize the session too if that has not been discussed before.

A typical training day starts at 9 o’clock and ends at 5:30 (pm) with a 1-hour lunch break. Two coffee breaks are planned, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. Trainees and trainers have lunch together as lunch is included in the training session. Attendance sheets will be signed twice a day by the trainees and the trainer.

Every trainee must bring her own device (laptop). If it is not possible, please tell us before registration. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a laptop to all trainees right now.

During the session, trainees are challenged and evaluated. At the end of the session, all the trainees will get a certificate of attendance.

What is a inter-company training?

The inter-company training sessions are fully organized by TailorDev Academy (in its building) and allow trainees from different companies and labs to register to a training session. This is the best choice when you are an independent worker or your company or lab has one or two employees to train.

Pricing on this website refers to inter-company trainings only. Yet, from 3 employees of a same company/entity, it is more interesting to organize an intra-company training. You can find our upcoming training sessions on Eventbrite. This tool allows you to register and pay online. If you want to register many attendees, get in touch to receive an estimate.

What is a intra-company training?

The intra-company training sessions are not fully held by TailorDev Academy. We act as trainers but it is your responsibility to prepare the session (room, attendees, Internet connection, coffee 😉). The big advantage of such a session is the price, the flexibility and the comfort: you get a tailored training session. Therefore, you have to contact us to discuss the feasibility of such a session together.